Pebble Velvet

What is Pebble Velvet?

Pebble Velvet (reg. brand) is a unseamed resin/pebble flooring system where prepared pebbles are pigmented, blended with resin and then troweled onto an existing solid concrete base to create an aesthetically pleasing, continuous and durable non skid coating that is very smooth and comfortable underfoot.

Pebble preparation: Crushed rock is screened to a certain size, and smoothed by a process of rolling and tumbling in a large machine with water. The end result is a smooth pebble, with rounded edges, screened from 0,5 -1 mm; 1 to 3 mm and 2 to 4 mm in size. These pebbles offer a very comfortable surface for outdoors and indoor applications.

The choice of colours is almost limitless – but we like to stick to about 20. We use a unique pigmentation system, developed by ourselves, which is not affected by the weather nor by UV.

We also can design pebble combinations to suit customer’s requirements.

Application: The concrete floor must be primed with RE16 primer (approx.  400 g / m2) + Cat16 catalyst. Pebble Velvet pebbles are then mixed in a container with RE43 binder + Cat43 and hand –  troweled by trained applicators, to a thickness of about 10 mm. Usage is approximately 12,50  kg pebbles plus 1 kg RE43, plus catalyst, per m2 of surface.

Finish: A top coat may be applied to give better strength to the binder, by blending RE43 with 5% xylene, and applying by spray gun or brush.

Maintenance: It is advisable to discuss with your applicator, about periodic maintenance. A thin film of RE43 with xylene should be sprayed whenever the customer requires.

Pebble Velvet has a pleasantly warm and soft sensation  underfoot, similar to that of a carpet, but with resistance to wear which is similar to that of tiles and stone flooring. Pebble Velvet reduces noise from foot fall. PEBBLE PAVING IS WATER RESISTANT BUT NOT WATERPROOF.

For a normal glossy finish, the pebbles can be re-coated once a year or two, depending how much gloss you want, with Stone varnish (RE9M) which is a pure, acrylic, non – yellowing, single component. Can we applied in one or more light coats, with a good quality roller. It sets in 10 minutes. The RE43W resin must be totally cured (1 week) before top coating with RE9M.

There are cement based waterproofing systems that can be applied. Technoresin cc ( manufactures TechFlex, for this application.

The applicator must ensure that this waterproof coat is applied correctly and is firm and solid, before applying the primer RE16 Primer.

PEBBLE VELVET requires an existing solid sub base. Suitable surfaces are:

  • Tiles (ceramic tiles however, have to be removed or roughened)
  • Brick paving (cemented in)
  • Concrete
  • Natural stone flooring, slasto etc:

 Areas of Use: Interior and Exterior


    • Kitchens (sealed with two coats of RE43W or Acrylic Pore Filler, or two – component, PU top coat, for easy cleaning) Not recommended for kitchens, unless the pebbles are sealed with our water – based acrylic pore – filler.
    • Bathrooms and showers (correct cement based waterproofing should be applied by a qualified contractor)
    • Bedrooms
    • Living Areas
    • Stairways and passages, entrance halls etc.
    • Vertical applications (wall paneling)


        • Patios and verandas
        • Swimming pool surrounds
        • Entertainment areas
        • Lapas and braai area
        • Pathways
        • Garages
        • Pavements
        • Vertical applications (wall paneling)
        • Ramps and walkways

Why use Pebble Velvet Unseamed Flooring Systems?

      • Aesthetic appeal
      • +- 20 exciting transparent pigmented colours and natural pebbles to choose from
      • No seams, smooth and comfortable underfoot. Where a joint is required, an appropriate aluminium strip must be used.
      • Hygienic and skid resistant
      • Low maintenance, stain-resistant, easy to clean (should be top coated with 1 coat of water – based acrylic pore – filler to prevent liquid stains from penetrating into the structure of the pebbles – )
      • Durable
      • Under-floor heating compliant
      • UV resistant – regular maintenance is required to prevent wear and tear of the surface, due to traffic and UV effects.
      • Can be installed directly over tiles, ceramic tiles however, have to be removed or roughened. Tests must be conducted to make sure that the adhesion is adequate
      • Quick and neat installation process
      • 2 year warranty on pebbles and resin