What is Pebble Velvet and how is it applied?

Pebble Velvet is a unseamed flooring system consisting of tumbled, pigmented or natural pebbles that are blended on site with specially developed resins and trowelled onto a solid concrete sub base  by hand to a 10 mm thickness creating a smooth, seamless surface. Once this is cured, it is then given a top coat.  NB : It is essential to prime the sub base first before any application, this allows for better adhesion of the pebble/resin blend.

What does Pebble Velvet flooring feel like underfoot?

Being tumbled, the pebbles edges are rounded so walking on Pebble Velvet is smooth and very comfortable underfoot.

Can Pebble Velvet be used with under-floor heating?

Pebble Velvet is under-floor heating compliant.

How durable is Pebble Velvet?

Pebble Velvet is extremely durable.

What about the South African climate?

Our resins and pigments at Pebble Velvet are specifically developed for the radical changes in the African climate and are UV resistant and wont fade in direct sunlight.

Is Pebble Velvet slippery underfoot?

Pebble Velvet has a non skid surface. It is an ideal flooring system for swimming pool surrounds, patios, showers, bathrooms, ramps and walkways.

Pebble Velvet can be used throughout your entertainment areas. It can flow from your internal living area onto your patio/pool/braai area.

Can I use Pebble Velvet in my bathroom and shower?

Pebble Velvet is hygienic and therefore it is safe to use in bathrooms and showers. It is non skid and smooth underfoot, one can create a continuous flow from the bathroom area into the shower. Proper cement based waterproofing system must be used if the bathroom is to be waterproofed. Pebble Paving is not waterproof – it is water resistant.

Can Pebble Velvet be applied to walls and staircases?

Pebble Velvet can be applied to staircases. It can also be used for wall paneling.

Can one create patterns and logos?

Yes, One can insert patterns, logos and colour changes across the floor. Special trims are used to shape the desired pattern and to separate colours, while special “cut-outs” are used for logos and pictures. We at Pebble Velvet can match any desired colour.

Is Pebble Velvet stain-resistant?

Pebble Velvet is ideal for kitchens/entertainment and work areas due to its stain-resistant properties. Pebble paving can only be stain resistant if it is totally sealed with at least two coats of RE9. Once liquid stains have been absorbed into the pebbles it will not be removed.

What is the difference between the Internal and External Pebble Velvet flooring systems?

Pebble velvet can be applied indoors as well as outdoors as there is no difference in the materials used for either application.

Can I do DIY Application of Pebble Velvet?

Pebble Velvet can easily be applied by the DIY enthusiast. However it requires skill. The pebbles must be trowelled as a screed in a very neat and uniform pattern.

Can it be laid over my existing floor?

Yes, provided your current floor has no movement or structural faults, Pebble Velvet can be applied over it. An applicator would be able to assess if your flooring surface is suitable to have Pebble Velvet installed. Pebble Velvet can also be laid directly over existing tiles or solid sub bases. Ceramic tiles however, have to be removed. We recommend only solid concrete floors for optimum bond between the primer and the substrate. Any other type of substrate must be tested by the applicator and applied at his / her own risk.

Would any repairs be visible?

Pebble Velvet can be repaired by an applicator or the DIY enthusiast. A bit of stock should be kept on site after application. Repairs done at a later stage may be visible but if properly done, will not be noticeable.