Installations & Applications

Who does the installation?

Pebble Velvet flooring systems may be installed by specifically trained applicators, contractors, interior decorators as well as the DIY enthusiast because of its ease of application.

How long does installation take?

Mixed and installed on site, Pebble Velvet is ready for foot traffic within +-36 hours after completion of the application.

Cleaning and Maintenance

PEBBLE VELVET is a low maintenance flooring system thus cleaning and maintenance is easy.

Our flooring systems can be easily cleaned by using warm water. Oil and other stains can be removed by mopping gently with mild soluble detergents (soap) and warm water. However, if the pebble paving is not totally sealed with two or more top coats, any liquid stain will penetrate into the pebbles. Indoor areas can be vacuumed. Recoating the surface with resin at least once every 3 years for indoor applications and every 2 years for outdoor applications will revive the Pebble Velvet surface. This re-establishes the gloss as well as servicing the surface. Cleaning depends on the dirt levels.

  1. Spillages are best cleaned immediately by dabbing with a sponge or mop and then washing with a damp mop, warm water and a mild detergent. Any spills that penetrates the pebbles will be difficult to clean.
  2. Dust can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner,damp cloth or slightly moist mop.
  3. Deep cleaning should be done by using a wet-extraction cleaner.
  4. Mops or micro-mops may be used on Pebble Velvet Flooring Systems.
  5. Do NOT scrub Pebble Velvet surfaces with stiff nylon/steel or hard bristle brushes.
  6. Do NOT clean Pebble Velvet with a high pressure water hose/system.
  7. Do NOT use rotating brush cleaners on Pebble Velvet.
  8. Do NOT apply Hydrochloric acid and Chlorine on Pebble Velvet.
  9. Salt spillages should be rinsed immediately with fresh warm water.
  10. High traffic or commercial floors should be re-sealed every 2 years. At least two layers of top coat RE9 should be applied.
  11. Should the floor become damaged through mechanical means, the Pebble Velvet applicator should be contacted immediately for a quote on any repairs.